Mr Fredson Yamba


Mr. Fredson Yamba is the Secretary to the Treasury and an ex-officio Director of the Board. Before being appointed Secretary to the Treasury, Mr. Yamba served as Director - Research, Consultancy and Development Division at the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA). He also served as Director and Chief Economist at the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. Earlier, Mr. Yamba held several senior positions at the Ministry of Finance and National Planning including: Acting Director-Budget Office, Chief Budget Analyst, Principal Budget Analyst and Senior Budget Analyst, among others. He has also been a Secondary School Teacher for various commercial subjects.

He holds a Master of Science in Development Finance from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Public Administration from the University of Zambia as well as a Diploma in Secondary School Teaching from the Technical Vocational Teachers College in Luanshya.